Rotary Club of Grand Island, New York

Medical Clinic in Haiti

Haiti - just 3 hours from US, yet a world away. During discussions with Rotarians from other Clubs in District 7090, Grand Island Rotarian John Harbison became aware of the possibility of a joint medical clinic project with Les Cayes Rotary Club in Haiti, plus Bethanie Medical Mission. Maniche, a mountain town 20 miles from Les Cayes (but more than 2 hrs drive on rutted, washed-out, dirt road) had no medical facilities, yet was a natural gathering spot for thousands Haitians walking in from surrounding hills. Bethanie had built a clinic in another direction from Les Cayes and offered guidance. Grand Island Rotary partnered with Williamsville Rotary, raised money thru a 'Tango Night', collected pledges from other Rotary Clubs, Grand Island Zonta Club, and other churches and organizations. With a matching grant from the Rotary Foundation for equipment, $25,000 raised locally became $50,000, and the Clinic is soon to be a reality. Medical service has been provided in several years by visiting teams primarily from Wedtern NY, to encourage Haitians to consider Maniche a location providing help. The medical teams often find themselves overwhelmed, but they help establish the idea of coming to Maniche for help. Yes, Haiti still has severe problems, but Grand Island Rotarians, along with other WNY Rotary 
Clubs and Les Cayes Rotary on the scene in Haiti, are helping.