President's Dinner, Wed, June 29 '16 at Crazy Jake's, No. Tonowanda, provided a great chance to Celebrate Rotary - review a successful year under President Amber Storr and welcome Dan Flaim as President for 2016 / 17. Amber reviewed a number of great projects from the past year - almost all shown below in Stories on this web site, so we don't have to repeat them here! She did present a Rotarian of the Year award to Hank Kammerer, who, "coincidentally", is the author of this and most other stories on this web page (and on Grand Island Rotary Facebook page) and he is also Bulletin Editor, sending out precious tidbits of info and events almost every week, some of which actually help Members stay informed of the doings of Grand Island Rotary. Hank proudly admitted to being a 47 yr Member of GI Rotary (let's face it, he did NOT join as a 6 yr old, he was 33 when joining, do the math yourself). Seriously tho, he did express appreciation for the Award, the beer glasses, and strongly encouraged all to CELEBRATE AND BE PROUD OF ROTARY as he has done through these years. Dan Flaim was installed as President for 2016 /17 by Past District Governor Dick Earne; Dan outlined some great ideas for the coming year and looks for good attendance at the Summer Picnic meetings hosted by Members, which occur in July and August.