Wow! What a gem Grand Island has, and we hardly knew of it! In their ‘Zoom’ meeting 10/28/20, G I Rotary was treated to a virtual tour of John Boutet’s Buffalo Sports Memorabilia Museum – and it’s right here on Grand Island!
It’s not quite public, and that’s an advantage of Rotary: getting contacts and invites to special people and places. John has spent years collecting EVERYTHING BUFFALO SPORTS. Obviously, lots of Bill’s & Sabre’s stuff, but if you know & remember our sports history, you were enchanted by the Buffalo Hockey Bisons into the early 60’s, baseball, particularly in Offerman Stadium, the Braves, boxing, baseball and so much more. John’s book ‘ Buffalo’s Got the Spirit’ 300 pages, is crammed full of pictures, history, anecdotes and gives any Buffalo sports fan a delicious view of it all. Email John at link below for more, or a copy of his book. Maybe some day, John's museum of memorabilia will join Buffalo Musicians memorabilia and other groups in a downtown Grand Buffalo Memorabilia center, till then Grand Island has a 'not-so-secret' jem.